Our Mission

We promote culture and creativity as key drivers of thriving societies granting human beings peace and fulfilling lives.

Our Action

We develop holistic strategies for local and global action to promote the cultural and creative sectors. 

We combine practice and research across creative domains and beyond to support creative careers, produce and disseminate knowledge to help find solutions for sustainability challenges, encourage transnational dialogue and enrich the global cultural landscape.

The UNITA program – United Talents for a Prosperous Future, connects and supports under the umbrella of a global vision, local research, education, and production initiatives in the performing arts, related industries, and in arts economics and management.

Scenography Today is the digital platform dedicated to the visual and spatial component of the performing arts, and to the extended concept of scenography. 

Scenography Today is our global community with 75,000+ engaged followers, 84% in creative career.

  • François Colbert, Professor of Art Marketing – HEC Montréal
  • Edna Dos Santos-Duisenberg, International Strategist and Policy Advisor
  • Doris Sommer, Professor of Romance languages and literatures – Harvard University
  • Sabine Theunissen, Architect and scenographer
  • Paolo Fantin, Set designer
  • Christian Schmidt, Designer
  • Serge von Arx, Architect and scenographer
  • Cristina Da Milano, Audience development strategist
  • Gary McCann, Set and costume designer